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1. What is your (recent or all-time) favourite music album? Why is it important to you?

Surprisingly, I might have an answer not for album but for one live performance. It’s a live of Sultans of Swings from Dire Straits.

I’m a big fan of the Woodstock period. There are so many good artists from that period. I think that’s also why I hardly find an album because I like to listen all music together.

But still, talking about the album… I’d name Discovery by Daft Punk. I love it, like Woodstock actually because it reminds me of an era of music. And lots of artists emerged from that period (in electro). Artists were really creative and a bit like Woodstock, it seems like a lot of people were meeting to hear them and felt “happy” together, enjoying the music. (well and probably drugs too).

I love Discovery because it was created not only as an album but also as a film. Each video clip of each song follows each other and the movie is amazing. The movie is called Interstellar 5555 and you can watch it on Dailymotion.

I discovered it from my cousins. They were living in Paris, I had my first iPod always with me, I couldn’t live without it seriously. When I was seing them, they would transfer all their music from their iPods to mine. And this was the French Touch period so I had all the electro music like Laurent Garnier, Cerrone, Etienne de Crecy, etc. That’s how I discovered electro, including Daft Punk.

2. Name your favourite musicians (across all genres and time periods)?

I love Janis Joplin, because she’s from Woodstock period. And a successful and free woman :)

Mmm who else? I’m trying to remember if in the past some artist I listened to marked me. Oh! It's french again, but I loved MC Solaar. One of the 1st album we bought with my brother, but we used to listen to it all the time. “Cinquieme As” was the name of the album. I don’t know if it’s because I come from a traditional/bourgeoisie background but I was moved by his lyrics. He’s talking about imigration, poor people, etc. For me he was talking about truly, things some people tend to forget/not want to see.

Well, there is the live of Dire Straits I mentioned earlier. I love how the music goes up and up and I actually wish it never stops but that’s probably why it’s so good too. I don’t listen it very often, but when I do, I want to be able to put it pretty loud. To hear all the instruments and really “feel” it.

Could also mention a few other lives, one from Santana at Woodstock (Soul Sacrifice), the one I linked earlier, Lyndr Skynyrd playing Free Bird is awesome too, See Me Feel Me from The Who at Woodstock too, I also love Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Canned Heat, Ten Years After, etc, pretty much all the rock from that period.

3. Wow, that's a lot of new music :) Let's finish this with my traditional question: what was the biggest lesson that you've learnt while working on your projects?

Before the launch you’re anxious about the launch and hoping it to be successful, but actually the most hard imo is after: when the “fame” has calmed down and you actually need to work on retention and keep people coming. When you see the stats falling after the pike, that’s when I found it hard to keep the motivation. And to keep working with the same energy, not losing it.

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