#3: Cam Adair x Gang Starr's
“Moment of Truth”

Cam founded Game Quitters:
The largest support community for video game addiction.

1. What is your (recent or all-time) favourite music album? Why is it important to you?

Gang Starr - Moment of Truth (1998).

A masterpiece by Guru and DJ Premier. I heard it sometime in my early 20s, about 10 years ago. I remember hearing their song “Work” at the end of episode two of Entourage and being so hyped that they used the track there - it’s one of my favorites.

Growing up I’ve always loved classic old school hiphop. It gave me permission to be confident. And it got me through hard times. Addiction and mental health challenges, including suicidal thoughts, have always been a big struggle for me, and the songs Above the Clouds and Moment of Truth always kept me alive. This verse in Moment of Truth is too real for me:

“Suicide? Nah, I'm not a foolish guy
Don't even feel like drinking or even getting high
'Cause all that's gonna do really is accelerate
The anxieties that I wish I could alleviate”

The song and album just always reminded me to keep going and that I wasn’t alone.

2. Tell me a short story behind Game Quitters. What inspired you to start?

Game Quitters was started after I searched online for help for a video game addiction I was struggling with and instead of finding help I found nothing. So I felt a responsibility to ensure that no one else had to go through that experience in the future, and launched the platform.

3. What has been the biggest lesson you've learnt while working on Game Quitters?

Be aware of perfectionism. What has helped people the most were things I shipped instead of waiting for them to be perfect, whereas at times I’ve avoided updating the product for years because I wanted it wasn’t perfect yet. Ship and iterate quickly. It’s a much better strategy.

4. How does music help you ship?

Since I was a kid I’ve been unable to focus without music on, so without music, none of this would exist. I have a few playlists on Spotify I’ve put together that I listen to often: The Vibes Playlist and Trust The Flow.

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