Creators share their favourite
electronic albums,

I show their startups
to the world.

So you know what to do when your Spotify or Apple Music recommendations suck.
Or when you just need some inspiration.
Or both.

#5: Sasha Koss x Post Malone's
“Beerbongs & Bentleys” (1 min read →)

Sasha bootstraps Telepost:
Service that creates blogs from Telegram channels

“I'm not a fan of hip-hop but occasionally binge on a rap artist. Recently I started watching a YouTube show H3 Podcast where I learned about Post Malone. The dude was a character so started listening to his music.”

#4: Marie Denis x Daft Punk's
“Discovery” (3 min read →)

Marie builds Threader:
App for reading the best stories and knowledge from Twitter.

“It reminds me of an era of music. And lots of artists emerged from that period (in electro). Artists were really creative and a bit like Woodstock, it seems like a lot of people were meeting to hear them and felt “happy” together, enjoying the music.”

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#3: Cam Adair x Gang Starr's
“Moment of Truth” (2 min read →)

Cam founded Game Quitters:
The largest support community for video game addiction.

“Growing up I’ve always loved classic old school hiphop. It gave me permission to be confident. Addiction and mental health challenges, including suicidal thoughts, have always been a big struggle for me, and the songs Above the Clouds and Moment of Truth always kept me alive.”

#2: Pat Walls x Tyler, The Creator's
“Flower Boy” (2 min read →)

Pat is the man behind Starter Story:
Place where you can learn how others are building successful online businesses.

“I've been bumping this album nonstop for the last year and a half. It's very "grand" and you can tell he poured his life into making this album. There are a few songs that still give my goosebumps every time I listen.”

#1: Harry Dry x Kanye West’s
“The College Dropout” (2 min read →)

Harry works on Yeezy Dating:
A dating site for Kanye West fans.

“We've all had people tell us we can't do something or it's not going to work out and at that point it's how much we're willing to dig in. To me that's what this album is about. Knocking down the door when no-one was giving you a key.”